The Appalachian Institute for Mountain Studies (AIMS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to bio-cultural conservation and climate catastrophe resilience.

Ongoing projects at AIMS

Southern Seed Legacy

Seed Delivery

The Southern Seed Legacy Project strives to reverse the plant erosion of genetic diversity and cultural knowledge in the American South. Explore our page to learn more about our seed bank and work in bio-cultural conservation. 

Heirloom Apple Orchard


AIMS is home to over 35 varieties of heirloom apple trees, many of which are regionally adapted to Appalachia. Explore our page to learn more about each variety and its history.

Perennial Gardens


AIMS has dedicated garden space to growing various edible and medicinal perennial plants. Explore our page to learn more about why we choose to prioritize perennial plants.

Food Forest of Eatin'


AIMS is building out a "Food Forest of Eatin'" of fruit trees. Explore our page to learn more.